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1 - Care for Cables - Structured cabling

Companies depend more and more on the available ICT-infrastructure. Data, telephone systems and storage converge and demand more and more of the network. Business processes are more often subject to data supply by the very same network.

In case companies take a second look into redundancy and continuity of their network infrastructure, they only consider active elements and external network connections, often leaving out physical cabling, connecting these elements and grids.

Does the company have a cabling strategy and/or instructions with which a data cabling has to comply ? A uniform cabling infrastructure with a long term planning can result in huge cost savings.
Is your network cabling certified and well documented? Are your critical cable paths known and installed in a redundant way ?
A breaking in the cable, caused by excavations or fire, has to be repaired urgently to reassure the continuity of the business processes.

The working of your company often relies on only a number of “threads”. The “Care for Cables” program offers you services, aimed at the continuity of your physical cabling infrastructure.

Guana is the right partner for advice, installation and maintenance of your cabling infrastructure. Guana supplies complete cabling sections: from adjustments and extensions until complex migration projects.

Do you want guaranteed response times in case of disasters? Guana has all in-house “tools” to meet your wishes and requirements.
Together with you, Guana can sketch a complete image of your actual infrastructure and possibly advise you on how to improve it to a higher level. The combination of knowledge and experience, both in the area of cabling and network, enables Guana to assist you optimally in questions on the efficiency of your cabling and possible extensions.
Audits and measuring by Guana will make you understand the status of and the uniformity of your cabling.

2 - Care for Networks - LAN/WAN

Companies depend more and more on the available ICT-infrastructure. Data, Telephone systems and storage converge and demand more and more of the network. Business processes are more often subject to data supply by the very same network.

* Do you experience network problems of a bad network performance and its available applications ?
* Do you want an analysis of the actual network status and possible points for improvement ?
* Do you want to know the available capacity and the trend in the used capacity ?

Guana offers your profound analyses of all your LAN,WAN and WLAN environments.

They allow you to understand your network : bandwidth use, transmission errors, frequent users, division in protocols/applications.
Guana has the expertise and required “tools” to fully analyse your network and to map it out. Expert Guana employees will stand for a detailed reporting and advice.

Guana offers this service in different shapes :

* Once-only audit – for instance in case of problems with your network.
* Going Live Check – before taking a new network or a new application on your network in production.
* Periodical audits – periodically, you will gain an insight of your network ‘health’.

Of course, the analyses will be compared to each other and certain trends will be visualised.

For example : look at

3 - Care for Wireless - Wireless networks

Mobility as well as flexibility is the present key words. Users demand ever more freedom in movement and possibilities. Your users want to be able to choose more and more often where and how to work.
Wireless networks enable you to comply with these user requirements. Wireless networks increase your mobility and flexibility as well as those of your users.
Wireless networks assist you on spots where a cabled network is not or hardly possible : large, monumental buildings or outside locations.
Wireless networks, applied in logistic distribution centres and restaurants increase the productivity.
They are fast and cheap to establish performing connections between – or with several buildings.

The present wireless networks solutions provide lots of possibilities to meet the requirements of users and to optimise business processes.

Guana allows you with her expertise to benefit of all possibilities of wireless networks.
Expert Guana employees advise you on the possibilities and impossibilities according to your specific situation and requirements.
Of course, security and management will be treated.
Detection of illegal wireless equipment, installation/implementation of advanced security facilities or central operation of the entire network : you are in good hands with Guana for all these specific requirements.

Guana specializes in the implementation, the maintenance, the management and the performance of audits and measurements of wireless networks.
Consequently, Guana can assist you in the entire “life-cycle” of your wireless network environment.

4 - Care for Connectivity - VPN networks

Information is more and more indispensable for company management. So, this information has to be accessible more and more, always and everywhere. Whether it is a second branch office, a home worker of e.g. a sales manger on the way, a simple and direct access to company data is more and more necessary.

To meet these “demands for availability”, increasingly more companies open up their company applications by means of the internet.
A right choice : the internet is in most cases far cheaper to connect branch offices with one another than the traditional rented or frame-relay line or calling in of the individual (travelling) user.
Internet is available almost everywhere and is consequently suitable to get access to your corporate data as from any location.

However, the Internet has its cons as well : security and speed.
Connection and opening your company systems to the internet make some high demands to your IT security. Imagine all the worms and viruses spread by means of the internet. Is the home user computer to whom you have opened your network virus free ?
Are laptop users protected against hackers ?
Are the data transmitted over the network protected against “reading along”?
Will my passwords be intercepted if I send data through a public hot spot ?

Speed problems can occur while using the internet. Connection speed is not or hardly guaranteed. However, internet connections prove to be more beneficial than traditional connections.

Guana presents an entire range of services to allow your company to benefit from these advantages, of course, in a safe and reliable environment.

6 - Care for Budget - Leasing

Leasing represents a solution for companies to finance corporate buildings, equipment and articles without serious investments. The most usual leasing objects are cars, machines and computer equipment.
Kinds of leasing:
If the lease terms (without the interests) with the amount of the purchase option (amounting to less than 10 % of the capital) cover the entire capital the lessor has invested in the article, it is called “financial leasing”. In the other case, you call it “operational leasing”.
Which kind of leasing should I choose ?
* The big advantage of “operational leasing” : you pay a monthly amount, including certain services such as taxes, maintenance, repairs, VAT…. So, you are well aware of your expenses. The economical and financial risks rest with the lessor.
* The big pro of “financial leasing” : at the end of the leasing, you have a beneficial purchase option if the life cycle of the object outlasts the leasing agreement. So, you can purchase the leasing article and continue to use it, without any further lease payment.
Reasons for leasing:
The lessee wants to use a certain article without any serious investments..
The lessee wants to free capital invested in assets
The specialized lessor can provide complementary services at a lower price/rate.
Certain risks about the exploitation of the lease object can be shifted on to the lessor.
Leasing can yield fiscal advantages.
As the leased article is a security in its turn and the lease company remains the legal owner of the object, leasing is granted sooner rather than other kinds of financing.

Site security

1 - Care for Safety - Video surveillance and access control

Camera surveillance/access control : a must for every company.
Camera surveillance and access control are hot topics for every company nowadays.
The days when companies were part of local social life, are long gone. The establishment of a company depends more and more on access roads and industrial zones specifically developed for the trade and industry. Collaborators are no longer inhabitants of the community and the contacts are spread all over the country. So, consequently, the turnover of non-resident within the company is very high. People tend to deal with their working hours in a more flexible way, some would even prefer to perform certain activities over the weekend or late at night, as you normal expect not much of any activity.
As an entrepreneur, you have to facilitate all this in a controlled way. Often, you will find in a company some hundreds of thousands of euro of materials and investment goods. These values have to be protected. For this reason, camera surveillance plays an essential part for security in your company. You want to know who gains access to the working place and when, linked to a solid access control by means of digital ID-cards as a part of the entire security plan of each company.
In this area, Guana has certainly a lot of expertise and combined with the possibilities in the area of networking and wireless connection, she will safeguard an impeccable implementation on which you can rely.
Protect now your investments and certainly consider that the security costs are outweighed by what you could expect without any kind of control.

2 - Care for power - UPS Systems

Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) : because power matters!
Without power, no IT, without power, no production!
All means of production in a company, all machines used for this purpose, are to be equipped with a continuous and protected power supply.
The Belgian electricity grid is one of the oldest in Europe, but certainly not the most modern one. The liberalization of the power supply is not even a certainty for the whole of Belgium. You have to protect yourself against the instability of the power supply. For this, you can find adequate solutions : the implementation of UPS-systems guaranteeing the continuous operation/functioning in case of a power breakdown. Thanks to years of experience in this field, Guana can assist you in your search for the right solution according to your specific risk profile.
Which are the processes in your company that have to remain operational day and night ? What is the response time of possible intervention teams to perform the required repairs ? A correct answer to these questions will provide an adequate operation of your critical investments, resulting of course in the necessary guarantees for continuity in a production environment.


1 - Care for Skills - Outsourcing

Staffing projects is at present a complicated matter. On the one hand, you will encounter a real shortage on the labour market, on the other hand unemployment is increasing.
The true bottleneck consists in finding the right people when required. The “just-in-time” principle is just a sharp on the labour market as for the logistic services.
A company such as Guana conforming constantly to the requirements of different customers is better armed to find the right resources in the right time. As we work with a much diversified portfolio of suppliers and customers, Guana knows lots of people in the whole of the IT-market and has a very large database, in particular in the area of structured cabling and project management. If you have punctual requirements in this field, do not hesitate to contact Guana.
Most probably, we can put the required people at your disposal at the time you experience a resource issue.

2 - Care for Hosting - Housing/Hosting

Information is at present the key to success of a company. You have to respond quickly and accurately to the changing market, the best way being a performing IT. More than ever, the companies are subject to the image they radiate. They have to be able to respond quickly to questions of customers and proposals of suppliers. This goes without saying for a large multinational, having a large staff of employees and smoothly running procedures at their disposal, but is quite difficult for a SMB with a limited number of employees who have to be polyvalent and multifunctional in their turn. However, the modern IT techniques allow the companies to react quickly and in an alert way. Would you like to be updated constantly on how things are going in your company, wherever you are ? You do not consider only your office as the working place and you are most certainly not limited to fixed working hours ?
So, you need, just as the others, transparent and utmost computerized IT solutions. You do not need to worry anymore if your computers and servers are available, if your mailbox is still updated, etc. You can appeal to the services of a company well aware of your requirements and providing cut-and-dried solutions, resulting from her experience “in the field”.

What else can Guana offer you?
1.For the SMB wishing to keep everything in her own hand :
A complete installation/implementation of your IT-environment at your office. Guana will take care of the whole route, from cabling your network to wireless connections enabling you to work without having to pass by the office to answer e-mails, to phone customers, to ask for quotations of suppliers etc… Moreover, Guana does not only implement your IT environment, but also provides a solid maintenance, provides by a staff of technicians. You can choose between different formulas, where Guana guarantees the interventions within certain deadlines.

2. For the BME outsourcing everything :
Your are an entrepreneur wanting to work 100 % for your business. You do not want to worry about technology, which choice to make regarding hardware and software solutions, when to adjust/update/modify your hardware to be technologically updated?

All questions you do not have to answer. Why?
Guana manages/operates your servers as of her own data centre that is the localisation of your IT is with Guana. She performs the daily backups, updates the software and if renewals or improvements are to be realised, Guana will do it. You do not have to worry about anything. How ?
Guana calculates, according to your needs, which capacity you need in the area of servers, network connections etc… You pay a monthly sum, per user according to the required availability, an SLA ( Service Level Agreement) will be concluded between yourself and Guana, guaranteeing this availability. Guana will invest in servers, you pay according to what you use with Guana.
You will get a monthly detailed overview specifying what you have received for your monthly subscription. So, you do not have to worry about IT investments and you do not need to waste time on searching the best technical solutions. Guana will take care that the systems are day and night available and meet the highest technical requirements.


Care for Knowledge - Consulting

As an entrepreneur within a SMB, you are ambitious. The obtained success in your branch shows your entrepreneurship. But that does not mean you have the required knowledge in every area. If you want to streamline IT to your processes and quick answers to the changing market demands, then, Guana is just the right partner for you. We can assist you in your search for the best solutions. Guana will provide the analysis of your actual IT-environment. She will listen to your needs and suggest based on an “as-is” situation, an offer for a “To-be”. We will give you the means to reach this goal within the agreed budget.
So, we will consider your wishes in the future and we will search together for the best investment path.


Care for Telecom - Telephone systems

Communication is mostly one of the principal business processes within companies.

Telephone systems play an essential part in the whole communication process.
An impeccable telephone infrastructure is however an important company asset.
A lot of money is spent on telephony. So, you have to make use of these expenses as efficiently as possible. A saving in terms of percentage can easily mean a considerable difference.
The telephone industry is on the move : new functions, the merge with the (data) network, wireless phones, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, triple-play, internet telephones, etc.
New techniques can be used for cost saving and a more efficient working method, e.g. by offering new functionalities to the users.
Companies have more a more a hard time to follow the telephone system market and to value the possibilities.
Guana offers the program “Care for Telecom” and a large range of products and services, aimed at telephone system requirements of the customer.

Guana is the right partner for advice, implementation and maintenance of your telephone systems.
Whether it is a switchboard, SIM-boxes, IP telephony or other things, Guana is just the right partner to assist you in order to find solutions.
Guana analyses your present telecom infrastructure, considering your present and future requirements. Based on this analysis, we will work with you towards an adequate solution “.

Do you want information on the possibilities and the use of VoIP, IP telephony, SIM boxes, PDA’ and other new development, appeal to Guana, your right partner.

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